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Bathroom furniture on request

We offer the production of PVC bathroom furniture by individual projects with sizes, color and design provided by you. We can respond to any non-standard solutions. We make cabinets in classic and retro style, as well as modern bathroom cabinets. You can rely on us to fulfill your extravagant and unconventional ideas and to design your boutique bathroom cabinets. We produce furniture with oval shapes, complex ornaments and decorations.

We also have rich experience in finding the most standard solutions such as columns for embedding a washer and a dryer, a column with laundry baskets, a combined top with a cabinet with sink and washing machine, single sink cabinets, two sink cabinets in a variety of designs.

At client’s request, we also produce bathroom cabinets with marble top.

We offer custom made waterproof furniture also according to photos – from magazines, internet. The material we use when making our bathroom cabinets is a thick PVC with a thickness of 12 to 19 mm (not hollow polystyrene). This ensures an extremely long life of our furniture. The time for making a bath cabinet is typically 10 to 20 working days, depending on the complexity of the project. We use colors according to the RAL color description system. This means we can paint your furniture in any color you want, mat or gloss.

Do not hesitate to contact us and make Your inquiry!

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